The Tao Te Ching

This week I’ve been house/dog sitting for a colleague of my parents’. Because house/dog sitting for her involves letting the dogs in, hanging out in the house for an hour, and letting them back out, I have taken to reading her books. I picked up one today called The Tao Te Ching for Couples and […]

High School

Tonight I went to get my yearbook from the yearbook people, and it is sitting on my dresser right now. I think high school is one of those things where before you’re actually in it, you haven’t the slightest idea what it’s like. A lot of things in the universe are like that. I also […]


In junior English I had to write an allegory once, and I wrote about my consistent mispronunciation of the word allegory and how I figured I had to make my mistakes out loud in order to be able to fix them, no matter how well I knew I was wrong. When I was a sophomore […]