Lovisa 2.0

A picture of the thousand and one-th reason my parents are amazing. Lovisa 2.0

Meet Lovisa 2.0, everybody. She is my probable soulmate for the next rest of my life (because I, like everyone else on the internet, am forever (for now) alone. Harry Connick Jr. shoutout).

She is a keyboard. A beautiful one, complete with 88 beautiful keys and a whole lot of buttons to press. She is light and small and portable, and she came with a big book of classical music, and she and I and that book and all my other books are going to go to Pocatello together and make classical music late into the night while the stars watch the highway outside.

The best part, however, is that Lovisa 2.0 possesses a headphone jack behind the music stand. And I have headphones. Do you know what that means?

It means I can play classical music till 3 in the freaking morning if I want to and not bother anyone. That’s what it means.

The other day I came home from mowing my grandparents’ lawn and walked into my room and there was Lovisa 2.0, waiting for me. I squealed and said gleeful things and sat down to play. And my mom made me try out the headphone jack so I played under those, and it was just a lovely afternoon. And as my mother was leaving to let me gallivant around with Lovisa 2.0, she said, “Don’t put the headphones on. We want to hear you play.”

I think I played a couple songs without the headphones, but after that I put them back on. And I like them, more than I thought I would. I guess I like the idea of making music for just me.



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