Just Chugging Along

I’m very sleepy right now.

I lay awake till one last night, woke up out of nowhere at 5:20 on the nose, and realized that AP scores were available this morning. I took the calculus exam in May. I looked it up and I’d got a four – which – weee!! So that means I will be starting at ISU with 27 credits, which makes me a sophomore, which means I don’t need to bother with very many elective credits, which may mean it will be easier and more convenient to go to Sweden – which – weee!!! Anyway, then I didn’t feel like going to sleep again, so I lay in bed and watched a British comedy/soap opera I’ve been hooked on lately called As Time Goes By with Judi Dench. Then, not an hour and a half before we were supposed to leave for church, I started to feel sleepy, so I went back to sleep and dreamed about poisonous spiders and falling into a foam pit with a baseball player I sat next to in government and never spoke to in my life.

So that was odd, albeit nice, with a smashing AP score stuck in the middle of it.

Yesterday I got a call from the ISU band program and learned that both of their jazz bands are in need of a piano player…BOTH…which means, according to the guy I talked to, that I MIGHT GET A CHANCE TO PLAY. Which – weeeeeeeeeee!!! So I’m going to have to really pour it on with the self-taught comping. And that frightens me a little. But I really want to do this. And I already own an orange tie.

Also today, we went to my cousin’s baseball game in Boise; that was great. Baseball is a lot more exciting live, and when someone you know is playing. Oddly enough football seems to be the exact opposite (I don’t care if anyone I know is playing, and it’s great fun to watch televised). And it made me think that while I am not much for sports with balls, that I would not mind being a baseball mom someday.

I am very tired. I keep having thoughts that would make good blog posts and then forgetting them.


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