Why I May Have to Move to Minneapolis

Allow me to describe for you my dream date.

It begins with an evening show at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. I don’t care what we see, though Shakespeare is always acceptable.

It follows with a walk along the river and over the nearby bridge. This may be conducted in winter when it’s icy cold and beautiful, or in summer when it’s breezily warm and beautiful. Technically it may be conducted in any season. Time it whenever you feel appropriate.

And, provided there is sufficient exchange of romantic words and a well-timed kiss or two, you can then return me to wherever I am living without further responsibility toward my happiness. That’s basically what it takes.

I’m only half kidding. I don’t believe in putting things in boxes and to expect that your dream date will be THIS ONE THING and THIS ONE THING ONLY is ridiculous. The kind of feeling you’re looking for from a dream date can come from a day no one has planned, or something that you never expected would be able to give you that feeling. But I might just fall in love with you if you do this for me.

That said, last night I went with my mom, sisters and cousin to see Pride and Prejudice at the Guthrie. I had never understood the title before. But what it refers to, as the advertising card from the Guthrie says, is Darcy’s pride and Elizabeth’s prejudice, one of which needs to be swallowed and the other rethought. OH SNAP, as we said in junior high. I GET IT NOW. And I may be inspired to finish the book.

My cousin Katie said last night or yesterday or whenever it was that I was with her that she often feels bad about not reading a book before going to see its movie or play version. Me too. But in this case, two plays and a movie managed to change my mind. I should have read Pride and Prejudice long ago, but I am not angry at myself that it took seeing all those dramatic versions to spur me to finish it.

So that was fun. We arrived in Minnesota a few days ago and it has been so far a delightful blur of sleeping too much, reading a lot, hanging out with my cousins, et cetera. I dreamed last night that two people I know very slightly died, so that was rattling, but I’m pretty sure it was a dream. I also talked to Hannah the other day. That was nice. I love her.

And then there will be a wedding tomorrow. I think too much about love.

And I have not played the piano half enough since we left. Which is ridiculous and frustrating. But that is okay.

Have I mentioned lately my plan to own a grand piano?



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