Why I Have Given Up on Will Lindstrom

It’s sad to say, but yes, it would seem that poor old WL is being booted off the blog. Not for the same reasons as last time, dear no.

Lately I have said a number of times that I “don’t believe in putting things in boxes.” What I mean by that is, I don’t like being categorized myself, so why should I categorize anything or anyone else? And thus I have since refrained from saying things like, “If you bring me orange Gatorade I’ll love you forever” and such. Because I have no idea if the people I end up loving will ever actually bring me orange Gatorade, or if anyone who brought me orange Gatorade would be someone I wanted to love. So you can’t generalize like that.

So in essence, Will Lindstrom is himself a box, and I tried to squish people into that box. And, not being made to fit into any but their own boxes, they were uncomfortable therein, so that didn’t work. So I’m giving up on Will Lindstrom. I still have the list of Reasons Why, and it is still nice to read over during disillusionistic November-type moments, but Will is not a box that I can expect people to fit into. In addition to that, Will was just not the same idea after Matt and I broke up anymore, and though he got me through those first few weeks he’s not been much help. It’s like he’s gone – and I erased him. Or perhaps I have outgrown him. Who knows. Either way, he’s gone.

Today I got a phone call from my darling best friend the Great Psionic Hannara, commonly known as Hannah, and SHE IS COMING BACK FROM CALIFORNIA IN TWO WEEKS ASOANGIOEHTDKLSFDGHLIU YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! So she will be back and we will hang out and read and talk and maybe go to visit Mr. Bird and be together again. YAY.

So that was a moment of extreme happiness.

I also was apparently awarded a scholarship for business majors yesterday totaling more than $1,000 for the entire year. YAY. So it is entirely possible that I will owe THE COLLEGE OF MY DREAMS exactly NOTHING for my first year. It’s not definite, but it’s possible, and that tastes sweet.

Also today, I received an awesome t-shirt from my credit session at Sjölunden last year (see other blog) that I forgot to order until now. I love it. It’s ah-may-zing.

And one last bit of interesting news for the day. I got a text from Matt.

(It is sad and true that I still have feelings for him. I’m hoping that those disappear when I get to college (please God).)

Anyway, he’s throwing a going-away-to-college party for “everyone he likes” and wants me to come. I kind of giggled at the text he sent because he was so darn formal. “I would like you to attend, and your soon-to-be fellow classmates Derek and Montana will be there.” I just laughed. It was funny. So that is causing some angst and anxiety because I feel like I’m asking for drama just going, but oh well. And I did have the cheeky idea to bring that guy that I hung out with before I went to Minnesota, but I don’t think that would prove to be any fun.

And what do you even wear to a party thrown by an ex-boyfriend, anyway?


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