The Ontological Dalek

Because I am the type of person to have nerdy friends, I have been under a barrage since last winter of “You should watch Doctor Who! You would love it!” &c. But because I am also the type of person to be nerdy myself, I am okay with this. The problem lay in that I […]

att tala svenska

Att tala svenska med svenskar! Weee! In the likely and forgivable case that that means nothing to you, it means, “To speak Swedish with Swedes!” In case you were wondering, that was one of the things I did today. I was walking along, coming back from some seminar or other, and the girl in front […]


To put it simply, I’m not a future Bengal anymore. A present one, in fact. Today was my first day on campus. It’s been good? Bad? Crazy? Stressful? Fun? (Really, really hot?) All of the above? There are events of the let’s-all-get-to-know-each-other-by-embarrassing-everyone-together variety going on right now, but in the delicious freedom that college offers […]