Things That Are Unnerving (Or; I Am A Total Bitch Sometimes)

So today is Friday.

And yes, like any good college student I am thinking “YEAH IT’S FRIDAY LET’S GO DO DUMB S&%T LIKE STAY UP ALL NIGHT AND WATCH DOCTOR WHO” but that’s irrelevant. I’m really not a party animal, and I am okay with that.

Lately I’ve been hanging out a lot with my roommate, my roommate’s two high school friends, one friend’s roommates, one of their neighbors, a couple of Derek’s roommates, and occasionally Derek as well. And some other people. And overall they seem to be a pretty safe group – a couple of Whovians, a badass music nerd who gives private violin lesson (I want to be her), some not-slimy guys, etc. We have fun.

Last night we went to watch The Hunger Games on the quad. I only really went because we’re reading an article about the book in Humanities (right?!) and I wanted to make sure I knew the synopsis. Two birds, one stone, you know. Then we left the quad and I went back to my room but my roommate and the other girls went up to someone else’s room to hang out. All well and good. But at midnight after I’d gotten out of the shower the girls come in and say “We’re going to Walmart because we don’t have classes tomorrow!” and I was like, “Fine, have a nice time,” but my roommate didn’t come back. I decided I wouldn’t be overbearing and went to bed. She texted me at two in the morning saying “Oh by the way I’m not coming back till tomorrow morning!” I have no idea what they were doing. I don’t really want to know.

The other unnerving thing is that Tanner keeps tweeting about his roommate. Sometimes this is funny, and sometimes it bothers me. This morning it bothered me. In case you missed it, his roommate is Matt.

Plus Tanner tweeted about not wanting to mess with love and just have fun while in college. Just to exercise a pet peeve of mine, I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE USE THE WORD LOVE TO MEAN ONLY THINGS RELATED TO DATING. God. THAT IS NOT ALL THERE, PEOPLE!

And then I go and take what people said and rip it apart behind their backs in another part of the Internet. So yeah, basically, I am a bitch. But you know what? It’s okay.

All right. Back to Doctor Who. I’ve gotten through a series and a half in a week, y’all. I might be ready in time for the 50th and Hannara’s birthday. Now I just need to go blow some money on a TARDIS T-shirt.


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