The Positive Side

Today Derek and I were talking about the previous post, Pieces of the Doctor, and I realized that all the pieces showed what was flawed about us, or what inhibited us as far as life, the universe and everything go. It takes rather a negative tack. So I decided to do a Part 2: Positive Pieces of the Doctor.

Hannah’s piece is respect and acceptance. Everyone she meets she treats equally. She doesn’t understand everything she comes across, but she tries. She doesn’t judge. She doesn’t condemn. She is accepting. She is loving. She doesn’t care what people want to do. Including, sometimes, if it’s to her.

Derek tried to tell me that his piece was wonderment. But while he may see himself as possessing that, and perhaps he does, it’s not what stands out to me about him. What I think Derek’s piece of the Doctor is, is care and concern. The Doctor sees a problem, sees some alien species in distress, and he does not leave, he does not abandon it until the species has either been told off or comforted. Derek is like that. He is always trying to fix things (some girl said that to me at a slumber party when I was twelve; perhaps this is my piece of the Doctor, as well?). He cannot stand to see the people he loves in pain. That, to me, is one of the best things about Derek, and, additionally, one of the best things about the Doctor.

Tanner’s piece is resourcefulness. His engineer mentality drives him to find a solution out of anything around him. He can make something out of nothing. He can always think of some way to fix it, and can always find something to fix it with, whatever it is. And, I might add, Tanner does not have scriptwriters.

At first I couldn’t think of anything for Matt, and that made me really sad, to be honest. I remember feeling like he had the wrong idea about me, like he saw me in the wrong light, like he didn’t really understand how wonderful I could be; but I neglected to realize that, as it usually is, the reverse was true as well. So I guess I have a bad and twisted perception of him, too. Or had. Have, had. I don’t know.

The reason I didn’t think Derek’s piece was wonderment had partially to do with Matt. I’ve talked before on this blog about how one (the only one, sometimes) thing that stands out to me about Matt is his childlike glee in everything. Okay, not everything. But in everything where most of us who are angsty eighteen-year-olds lean back and say, “Oh yeah, cool,” and pretend like we don’t love it, Matt embraces it. (God, he seems so far away.) In his way, he loves and is not ashamed to love. It just usually happens to be things. I’m tangenting. Anyway, Matt’s childlike glee in the simplest of things is his piece of the Doctor. Like when Christopher Eccleston grins fit to split his handsome face and, snapping his fingers, exclaims, “Rose! I can dance!” (and then they do and it’s super cute and blah blah blah). 

I have turned into an ultra Who fangirl. Anyway.

I’ve no idea what my piece of the Doctor would be. But that is okay. Who am I to be able to perceive myself accurately anyway?


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