Everybody Lives

There’s an episode of Doctor Who called “The Doctor Dances,” and it is my favorite for several reasons.

1. Christopher Eccleston.

2. Christopher Eccleston dances, and it’s adorable.

3. Christopher Eccleston remarks that bananas are good, on which subject I wholeheartedly agree with him.

4. Christopher Eccleston figures out why half the citizens of London are turning into gas-masked zombies and realizes he can save every single one, and then cries with an overwhelming joy, “Everybody lives, Rose! Everybody lives!” 

The joy in his face is what makes Eccleston my absolute favorite incarnations. That and I tend to root for the underdog and celebrate the ignored anyway. But I still dearly love Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor.

I’m having a good day for a Monday.

In light of my new adventures related to the Clothically Challenged blog, I’ve recently resolved to stop wearing workout clothes to class except where it’s absolutely necessary (for instance, when I have ten minutes after yoga to get across Cadet Field for geology lecture). As much as I, like any self-respecting teenage girl, hate to admit it, my mother was right. It is important that you pay attention to how you look. The whole brush your hair once and wear no makeup thing was okay in high school, but now you at least need to brush your hair twice. Ha. But I am going to try to start being less ambivalent about my appearance – without, hopefully, becoming obsessed.

Band starts this week. I’m jazzed for that. I’m also doing things. Getting involved in BPA and Alpha Kappa Psi. I volunteered at the Great ISU Ambush on Saturday and that was terrific fun. I resolved that I AM going to try to do cross-country next year and I AM going to get my honors degree and not just distinction. I also want to be part of College Republicans and the swing dance club, and I still want to found a Doctor Who club, though clubs based around television shows are difficult. Who knows.

I love this college thing. It’s awesome.


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