Looking Like a Million Geeky Bucks

The Fashionly Challenged, Slightly Ambivalent, Low-Budget Girl’s Guide to Looking Like a Million Geeky Bucks: 

(I wanted to use that as the actual title of the post but it was much too long)

If you are like me, then you:

-dislike most things with sequins

-dislike most neon-y colors

-dislike suuuper sexy clothing 

-don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard

-want to be comfortable

-want to look good anyway 

-can’t figure out why your peers own seven different pairs of sandals when you own seven different pairs of shoes

-wear jeans, t-shirts or sweaters, and your favorite ratty converse every. single. day. 

-have trouble spending money. oh wait, that’s not a fashion problem, is it? that’s just me. 

So you have some or all of the above problems. Shopping equals hell, in your mind. You are, like me, in a quandary. What do you do?

Honestly I have no idea.

If you are also like me and, again, wear t-shirts, sweaters, jeans and converse every. single. day, and half the time don’t wear makeup and also have no concept of what you even like stylewise (shout out to my mom for raising me on hand-me-downs!), then we are in this together and would probably be best friends but for the internet keeping us apart. Dramatic music. To continue, what do you do?

I still don’t know, but let’s tackle what everyone thinks we need.

I’m starting a new blog. We’ll see how long it lasts, what with me being a college student taking 17 (!) credits and being in a band and doing other things and stuff, but I’m going to start a project blog that will hopefully encourage little geeky girls to disregard Cosmo, Vogue and whatever else is out there telling them they need Marc Jacobs bags. Here’s my contribution to philanthropy and being the change: clothicallychallenged.wordpress.com.



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