Right before I went off to college I had a deep email conversation with the only editor-in-chief I’ve ever had. Bless her. Melodie is her name, and she is now doing great and amazing work in the journalism program at the University of Oklahoma, as well as working at other journalism-related places in Norman. She’s […]

Doctor Who Theories (SPOILERS)

WARNING – MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT Derek showed me this article this morning. It’s pretty cool, really. All the theories. All the interesting everything – the return of the Tenth Doctor and Rose, the possibility of some more backstory to the Time War, and the incredible buggering question, WHO THE BLOODY HELL IS JOHN HURT […]

My Writerly Hero

I usually am not able to answer when people ask me who my general hero is, or I just say my mom or dad and give a generic answer. But Madeleine L’Engle is definitely my specific, writerly hero. Yesterday I went down to my university library and found the Madeleine L’Engle (six-inch long) section. I […]

Humanities Paper

Though I dearly wish I could have taken Mr. Bird’s class last year, I am in a humanities class now by way of being in the honors program (bless that). For the second paper of the semester, Dr. Johnson offered us the prompt of, in a nutshell, “Talk about translation.” Naturally I leaped for it. […]

Strings and Nomads

So recently, never mind why, I thought I’d give Lana del Rey’s music a try. While some of it is dark and depressing and scary, some of it is very splendidly sad. I listened first to “Young and Beautiful.” First of all the strings in that song are AMAZING. Secondly the lyrics are lovely. Then […]


No, this has nothing to do with comics. Sorry. Often, particularly on good days and during crisp mornings, walking down the sidewalk in my boots snuggled into a coat, or when I’m in the middle of homework that I’m (gasp!) enjoying, or when I think about all the things I want to do and all […]