Strings and Nomads

So recently, never mind why, I thought I’d give Lana del Rey’s music a try.

While some of it is dark and depressing and scary, some of it is very splendidly sad.

I listened first to “Young and Beautiful.” First of all the strings in that song are AMAZING. Secondly the lyrics are lovely.

Then came “Summertime Sadness.” This song is not remarkable, but I keep listening to it. I don’t know why.

I also listened to “Born to Die,” and saw that she was wearing bright red high tops and was kind of happy about that. Then came the end of the song where she actually does die, or at least is smeared and smothered in red makeup and I wasn’t kind of happy anymore.

Basically these songs make me wish I were living in a different time. Young, rebellious, and before the world had changed quite so much, with open highway to drive and no cell phone signal to find me. (And red high tops and boyfriends and other things I want in life. Only half kidding.)

I would have liked to live in a freer time, and run away, and drive down highways I’ve never seen, and get lost in the world because it’s big and weird and winding, and stop at gas stations and leave again. I guess I have a bit of a nomad in me, too.


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