Doctor Who

By the time I actually post this it will have been percolating for a while, but that makes it special. So I’m going to go ahead and do it, day by day. Here we are, the Doctor Who 50 Day Countdown to the 50th anniversary special. Ta-da. October 4: Who was your first Doctor? Christopher […]


I drove home tonight. I sat in my dorm after class today until 7:30, and then my parents and sisters pulled up behind the building and I ran out and we drove home, and after three hours of talking I asked, “What are the lights we’re seeing to the right of us?” and my dad […]


This is a piece of fiction I wrote a long time ago. Sophomore year, I think. There’s a post on the old blog which details my excitement over this piece being published in the Teen Ink magazine. When my dad read it after it was published, he came downstairs to my basement bedroom, and his […]

The Ontological Audience

This is a short, sweet, and sort of cool-realization-y response to something my best friend Hannah did minutes ago. She reblogged my post “A Song About Love and Thoughts About Time” to her own blog. There’s a line in that post which is talking about the specific song, and it describes it thusly: “this is […]


In my short life I have thought often about love. (I think I’ve said that before.) I, like everyone else on the internet, am “forever alone.” I don’t mean that literally; forever is a long time and not one I have any conception of. It just means, like it does for everyone of my generation, […]