Weekend Home and Other Beautiful Things

What to do when there’s too much to do? Blog, of course.

I have a speech with two paragraphs left to do in it, a thesis (!) and a resume (!@#$%^&) for business fraternity court of honor next weekend (remind me to rant about being a girl in a fraternity – not quite what it sounds), a shot to get, possibly a lab to make up, a JAZZ GIG (AND YES THAT DESERVES ALL CAPS) on Wednesday night (!!!!!!!!!~!!!!!!@#!@!), and a life to live. And this is actually less than my normal workload, which is the weird part.

Of course, part of it probably comes from the fact that I spent this weekend enjoying my first visit home, and it was just heaven, if it did feel rather more like being a guest than being at home. I guess for the time being home is in two places. Someone I was reading on Teen Ink one time (remember when that website made up most of my life?!) said of visiting home versus being at college, “In both places I have a bed, a shower and food.” And that is true. But it still feels very, very weird. And very nice.

Anyway, point being that vacations always make it harder to buckle down again, particularly when you feel like you didn’t get enough.

The other thing that is worriting me (I love colorful idioms) is money. I think I’ve definitely been spending too much lately, and that stirs up my old friend the guilt issues. I think part of that may come from my own tightassedness about money, and part of it may come from actual lack of foresight. It will straighten itself out if I just stop worrying about it. Life is a river. (Which is why you don’t spend unless you’re sure you can!) Okay, guilt rant over.


I am beyond excited for that.

Rant about fraternities: I am in (or hoping to be in) the professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. What bugs me about this is (besides possibly having gotten myself committed for the rest of my life to a community of overexuberant sales and marketing professionals, who are NOT MY KIND of people) that when I tell my friends I’m leaving to go “do fraternity stuff,” then come all the jokes about “Do you have something to tell us?” and it’s like, “No, you sexists, I am a woman who is in a professional fraternity. Hop off my case.”

I guess I don’t understand a lot of things. Oh well.

I really don’t like the concept of networking, though. I believe you should get your jobs and your recommendations based on the work you do, not on who you know. But I’m old-fashioned and conservative and very very traditional. Time marches on.


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