The Ontological Audience

This is a short, sweet, and sort of cool-realization-y response to something my best friend Hannah did minutes ago. She reblogged my post “A Song About Love and Thoughts About Time” to her own blog.

There’s a line in that post which is talking about the specific song, and it describes it thusly: “this is a pretty incredible demonstration of faith – if not in God, in at least the universe or in SOMETHING happening, someday.”

I worried a bit about that line when I wrote it because as a former journalist, I like to consider my audience, and this line seems to presume that God is the first thing you think of having faith in, which is not true for everyone. But I didn’t change it, and although I don’t know why exactly I sort of like that I didn’t.

I realized, when I noticed that Hannah had reblogged this, that she would probably be someone who would think of God first when someone mentioned faith, and that that line would probably stand out to her because it would speak to her.

And that was cool, because then I remembered all the mess in A Circle of Quiet (I really need to get that book) where Madeleine L’Engle talks about ontology and things and people becoming who they are meant to become.

And that was cool, because I realized that by Hannah understanding and appreciating those words, they became all they were meant to be. They meant something to someone, and that is what I wrote them for. Their ontological selves (if words have selves) was brought out because I wrote them and then Hannah read them. She is the ontological audience.

And that was really cool.


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