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By the time I actually post this it will have been percolating for a while, but that makes it special. So I’m going to go ahead and do it, day by day. Here we are, the Doctor Who 50 Day Countdown to the 50th anniversary special. Ta-da.

October 4: Who was your first Doctor?

Christopher Eccleston was my first. I didn’t even know what any of the others looked like before I watched “Rose” at my best friend’s insistence. I really had a textbook start for a New Whovian. I absolutely love him. Don’t skip Nine.

October 05: Who is your favorite Companion?

Hard to say. I love them all, really, for different reasons. I think I enjoy Martha the most, though, because she brought so much to the table and is so underappreciated. Also, she had this incredible faith in the Doctor, which I think he needed at that point, so I appreciate very much that she was able to give that to him.

October 06: Which cast/crew member has the best twitter?

Well…unfortunately Christopher Eccleston has no Twitter, but I enjoy creeping on Arthur Darvill’s and Karen Gillan’s Twitters.

October 07: Favorite episode?

“The Doctor Dances.” Without question. Well, I lied. “Nightmare in Silver” is also one of my favorites, and I enjoy “Dalek.”

October 08: Name an episode that made lol.

I laugh out loud at a lot of episodes. I think I laughed at the Snowmen because Strax was hilarious, but I also laugh at most of Series One – if not at Nine being hilarious, then at Rose’s god-awful Velcro tennis shoes. Has anyone else ever noticed that??

October 09: Invent a new feature for the Sonic Screwdriver.

Removing stains. I mean, did you ever see Jackie Tyler and Mickey clean the Slitheen goop off themselves? A Drycleaning Screwdriver would be awfully useful.

October 10: What’s the coolest planet the Doctor’s ever visited?

I’d love the Library if it weren’t so scary.

October 11: Take a photo of something IRL that you think would be from Doctor Who.


This red balloon was tied to the railing outside the student union building at my university. Interestingly enough, it is called the Pond Student Union. You’re welcome.

October 12: Bow ties, fezzes, or stetsons?

That is a definite toughy, but I would probably have to go with the top hat he sports in the Snowmen.

October 13: What’s your favorite Doctor Who-themed youtube video?

The one called “Doctor Who – Strange Noises With My Mouth.”

October 14: Name an episode that had you hiding behind the couch.

“The Empty Child” & “The Doctor Dances,” “Silence in the Library” & “Forest of the Dead,” the Series 3 finale, and anything involving the Angels or the Master. Well, that’s not true. Most of those just made me TENSE because I was actually physically anxious about the outcome. The Silence and the Whispermen also creep me out. But the one that terrifies me is “The Doctor’s Wife,” when House gets inside the TARDIS and starts messing up all the time circuits. For Amy it’s five minutes, but for Rory it’s varying intervals over about fifty years, and then she finds him dead and slightly decomposed with KILL AMY written in red all over the walls. That just paralyzes me.

October 15: Come up with a name for a Doctor Who-themed recipe.

I have no idea. Rose-in bread?

October 16: Bad Wolf something (legally and non-permanently.)

Attacked my Whovian friend’s door mirror and my other friend’s door whiteboard. Easy as pie (I’m in college, so everyone has one or the other).

October 17: Your favorite one-time companion?

Astrid was a sweetheart. Rory’s dad was hilarious. I can never quite choose.

October 18: What’s your favorite song from the soundtrack?

The music that is playing when Emergency Program One is running during “Parting of the Ways.”

October 19: Name a Who-ism you use IRL.

“Fantastic!” and I also sometimes use “Oi!” which I only ever hear on the show because I’m in the US. I have also been known to say “Brilliant.” 

October 20: Cosplay time! Dress up as your favorite Doctor but only with things you can find in your closet.

V-necks, open jacket and jeans = I am Nine!

October 21: If you could go anywhere in Time and Space with the Doctor, where would it be?

Hmmmmmmmmmm I don’t know! Good question. Maybe to go talk to Madeleine L’Engle or Lucy Maud Montgomery. Or I’d be like Clara and just say, “Show me something awesome.”

October 22: If you were the Doctor, what would your catchphrase be?


October 23: Who is your otp?

I adore Amy and Rory, but I think the Doctor and the TARDIS have the best relationship, although I also adore Eleven and Clara.

October 24: Name someone who you think is secretly from the Whoniverse.

Oohh. James Bond? Mary Poppins? Maybe the Professor from the Chronicles of Narnia. Except he did die eventually, so who knows. But he had a sort of portal in his closet.

October 25: What’s your favorite story arc?

All of them. The Rory/Amy/Universe exploding storyline seemed a bit fuzzy sometimes, as did most of Series 6. I really love Series 1 and the second half of Series 7.

October 26: Favorite quote or one-liner?

“Barefoot on the moon!”or “Everybody lives!” or this moment from the “pirate episode” with Eleven where he says, “The greatest adventure is having someone to share it with.”

October 27: Who is your favorite historical figure that appeared? Winston Churchill? Vincent van Gogh?

Agatha Christie, Shakespeare or possibly Charles Dickens.

October 28: Who would win a fight? A Weeping Angel or a Silence?

Ooohh that’s a toughy. Well, the Weeping Angel would presumably be under the effects of the Silence, as in, not remembering once it didn’t look. So the Angel would stare at the Silence and not be able to move, but as soon as the Silence wasn’t looking the Angel would go after it. Sounds like the Angel to me.

October 29: Which Doctor had the best costume?

Mmm. Ten was the classiest. Seven was the silliest, and Four was the most impractical. I do adore Eleven’s clothes – all of them.

October 30: Who is your favorite monster/villain?

Gotta love the Daleks. But I’m also quite fond of (and by fond of I mean turned into a nervous wreck by) episodes with the Master. Also, the Zygons are pretty cool. 

October 31: WHOlloween!!!!!

I was River Song!!

November 01: Mods are asleep! Anything goes!

I don’t understand this challenge. What is a mod? I’m not that kind of fangirl.

November 02: If you could write an episode, what would it be about?

L’Engle, or maybe Mozart or Beethoven. The Doctor needs to visit a famous composer.

November 03: Who’s been your favorite guest star?

Geoffrey Palmer!! Well, maybe Andrew Garfield. Patrick Stewart needs to guest star on DW sometime.

November 04: Which characters would make up your ideal Team TARDIS?

Hmm!! The Doctor, obviously, though which one I have no idea. Then Martha, because she is my favorite. Amy and Rory, because they are my second favorite. Jack, because he’s fabulous, and Clara, because she is such a cutie. And that’s six, so the Doctor would have a full team!

November 05: If you were a Dalek what would you be called?

Hmmm!! Dalek….Squeege. I think that is one of the most wonderful onomatopoeia ever.

November 06: Post the best Who gif you’ve ever seen (give credit to whoever made it.)

Here it is.

November 07: Which TARDIS had the best interior (desktop theme)?

Hmm! I adore the one Nine and Ten used, and I also very much like Eleven’s most recent one. So yeah.

November 08: Which character do you wish you could meet IRL and why?

All of them, hello. But mostly the Doctor, because “It is a truth universally acknowledged that any madman in possession of a blue box must be in want of a companion.”

November 09: Plot twist: name a time you totally didn’t see that coming.

RIVER SONG = MELODY POND. I was like Whhhhhaaaaaaaatt??!???

Also CAPTAIN JACK = FACE OF BOE. I was like Whhhhhaaaaaaaatt??!?? then too.

November 10: Name an episode that gave you the feels. (Name the feels.)

Oh dear. All of them? “Angels in Manhattan” made me cry, “Empty Child”/“Doctor Dances” always first scare the crap out of me and then become very very happy, and a list of events that make me achingly sad inside: Nine’s regeneration, when Rose and Ten get trapped on opposite sides of the void, the first appearance of River Song, the end of Series 4, The End of Time’s final sequence with “Get out of the way” and then Ten’s farewell to all his people, “Angels in Manhattan” – oh wait.

November 11: Eleven Eleven!

I love Matt Smith – if he doesn’t go visit Craig and Stormy before he regenerates I’m going to be very sad.

November 12: What are your hopes for Twelve?

That he is an adorable grumpy old man and that he and Clara get along adorably. Like Matt Smith, with wrinkles. And I also hope that when he gets mad it’s really really scary.

November 13: What do you think is the weirdest thing the Doctor keeps in his bigger-on-the-inside pockets?

I haven’t seen much of his bigger-on-the-inside pockets, but a sonic screwdriver seems pretty weird all by itself.

November 14: What room on the TARDIS would you most like to visit? The library? The karaoke bar?

The library. That or the little study where he keeps all his nifty mementos like the baby cot and things.

November 15: If you could have your memory erased of any episode so you could watch it again like it was new, which episode would it be?

All of them.

November 16: Think of the last movie you saw. Would the main character be a good companion?

Mmm. Well, recently I saw Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, and Beatrice would make an excellent companion no matter who the actress is. Like a lovely cross of Donna and Clara.

November 17: What’s the best piece of DW merch that you own? Don’t own anything? What’s something that you wish you did?

My favorite is the bottlecap necklace with the TARDIS on one side and Nine on the other.

November 18: Name a minor character that you’d like to see return.

Hmm. Does Wilfred count? I adore him, and he needs to come back. I also liked Lorna or whatever her actual name was, from the Gamma Forest in the Series 6 midseason finale. (I think.) 

November 19: Pick a companion that is no longer travelling with the Doctor. Where do you think they are now?

I think Wilfred still goes and sits at his telescope every night, watching the stars.

November 20: How do you think the Eleventh Doctor will regenerate?

I don’t know, but I am going to bawl.

November 21: What do you think will happen during the DW50th?

I am hoping for a lot of Ten/Eleven coolness, that Clara is as fabulous as always, and I am crossing my fingers really really hard and hoping with my ENTIRE BEING that we will get to see the Hurt-Eccleston regeneration. [And WE DID! Or at least the beginnings of it, and that is enough for me.]

November 22: Doctor Who?



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