Weirdest Christmas Award

Of the candidates submitted for consideration, Christmas 2013 definitely wins the Weirdest Christmas Award. So far. To begin with, it was my first Christmas while in college, and that was weird. I was buying gifts in Pocatello or Idaho Falls, or having them shipped to my dorm room, and I did all collaborative shopping with […]

Derek’s Proofread Paper

For as long as we have existed, humans have always been stronger together. Back when we were only hunter-gatherers, warriors would band together to take down large and dangerous animals. Even in today‚Äôs relatively safe world, people still come together to form communities, such as church groups or football fan clubs. Humans need community. They […]

A Mild Love Poem

This is technically not a love poem at all, because in order for it to be a love poem there must be love, and though love is a very nice thing I’m willing to bet we haven’t gotten there yet. That said, the term “like poem” is weird, obnoxious and I don’t like the way […]

Winter Wonderland

Does it count as a winter wonderland if it isn’t snowing? I think it should, because if it’s not snowing, you can see the stars, and those are pretty nice. I took a walk in the cold tonight, long after I probably should have shut my sicky self indoors, and saw some beautiful stars and […]

First Impressions

My friend Kailyn told me last night that I make an impression on people. She cited as evidence herself (having been astonished when I made a raunchy joke back in the fall soon after we’d met) and her friend Stephen, whom I recently met. Besides the fact that Stephen is cute, clever and a great […]

Snow and the Psyche

It snowed in Pocatello today, and although it’s mostly gone now, it was quite beautiful, and very cold, and made me unbelievably happy. I finally broke out what I like to jokingly and very inaccurately call the Captain Jack coat, because it looks a teeny tiny bit like the WWII greatcoat he wears when Nine […]