Winter Wonderland

Does it count as a winter wonderland if it isn’t snowing?

I think it should, because if it’s not snowing, you can see the stars, and those are pretty nice.

I took a walk in the cold tonight, long after I probably should have shut my sicky self indoors, and saw some beautiful stars and listened to some beautiful stories.

And although I don’t know what my body will say about it tomorrow, I am extremely happy about it now. I can’t feel my hands (or my feet, really) but I feel alive and awake and happy about it.

Out of an orange-colored sky.

Never underestimate how much you might fascinate other people, but also never underestimate how much other people might fascinate you.

And that is really all I’ve got to say, except that I’m going to quickly and irreverently recycle a line from the old blog.

“And it is cold and beautiful outside, and I am mentally wandering in it, not alone.”


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