A Mild Love Poem

This is technically not a love poem at all, because in order for it to be a love poem there must be love, and though love is a very nice thing I’m willing to bet we haven’t gotten there yet. That said, the term “like poem” is weird, obnoxious and I don’t like the way the consonants “k” and “p” fit together. Not very smooth phrasing. And why use that when there are so many more poetic ways to say the same thing? Hence the adjective mild, which I think gives it a nice, anticipatory sort of twist while remaining delightfully poetic. So that’s why that’s the way it is.

mild love poem

i sometimes like to remember

the tremory feel of it

when your cheek

rests itself atop my head

and don’t tell anyone but

when your arm

goes round my waist

I take great care in breathing

just to feel it when

my ribcage moves against your hand.


One thought on “A Mild Love Poem

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