Why I Hate Being a Girl in 21st Century America

There are a lot of things wrong with 21st century America, and far be it from me to understand the half of them. However, being a girl, I have a unique and exclusive perspective on being a girl in 21st century America, and I have a few bones to pick with it.

It sort of comes down to one bone in particular which manifests itself in several different ways. Maybe, to extend the metaphor, it’s like metacarpals or something. Same name, different finger.

Anyway, moving on.

I guess part of it comes from the feminist movement and our predecessors raising all their little girls to be able to do ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING IN THE WORLD EVER, which is great until you find that something got lost in translation and now the only thing that it’s acceptable to do is be better than men at everything. Granted, we’re allowed freedom in how we do that to a certain extent – as in the patriarchy, physical and/or sexual talent and achievements (if that’s the correct way to say this) are viewed as one of the best ways to exhibit that you are better than someone else. Which I think is ridiculous, because the feminist movement was organized to stop playing by men’s rules, but whatever.

Anyway, because this is one of my special soapboxes, I need to go back to the original point of that paragraph. Now the only thing it’s acceptable to do is be better than men at everything, and that bugs the LIVING MARSHMALLOW FLUFF out of me, because I will do what I please, thank you very much, and whether or not I wind up being better than men at some of it is, for the most part, immaterial.

The other thing is media. Every girl with an IQ over 100 in the country understands that our perception of ourselves and each other is heavily, heavily influenced by magazine covers, perfume ads, rock stars, people like Kim Kardashian where I’m not really sure what they do, and all kinds of other things. Media media media, even in forms you wouldn’t think of it.

I’ve probably talked before about how very atypical a girl I can be, and when I was seventeen years old and seeing Mean Girls for the first time I was getting some extremely weird looks. (I swear I’m not trying to tangent, it just keeps happening. But I hate that movie. It is so pointless – the title is basically the whole movie. Anyway.

Often I feel like an outsider to my own gender, and that is a ridiculous and highly unfortunate way to feel (also, we should be ashamed of ourselves if we alienate each other, and the feminists ought to be cringing).


We keep thinking that being a girl means just a specific set of things – watching Mean Girls, drinking coffee, taking pictures of ourselves, makeup and other ridiculous beauty routine things, the clothes we wear and almost everything else about us has to be a certain way.



Being a girl means we have biology in common and not much else. I am sick and tired of getting weird looks because I didn’t see Mean Girls until I was seventeen. Here’s a thought.


Always. Without fail or exception. You want girl power? That’s how to get there. Accept each other as we all are, and we are all perfectly validated as far as this girl thing is concerned. I am as female (not feminine – that’s different from person to person) as all the rest of my gender

And, because I wouldn’t dare quote Mean Girls after this rant, here is some Shakespeare.

“Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.”

Just accept each other, for crying out loud. I suppose I could have said it that way and been done with this three hours ago, but here’s a whole incoherent blog post instead. You’re welcome.


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