I like writing letters, though I don’t do it half often enough. I believe I called it a “poetic, permanent mode of communication” once. I also used to write poems about writing letters. Here’s a hybrid of the two, minus the salutation because I have no idea how to begin. i think i said this […]

Numbers and Ontology

So, as usual, I’m watching Doctor Who. There’s an episode (7×07 for anyone who cares) called the Rings of Akhaten, in which a little girl of eight or nine is given the hefty responsibility of singing the song of an entire civilization from beginning to present, and somewhere along the line gets very insecure about […]

Feelings and Stuff

What to do when there’s too much to do? Blog. Obviously. I have a chapter to read for humanities, three pages of accounting homework, and lots of studying to do for linguistics. None of that should actually be a problem, but actually starting it is going to be a problem. But that’s a tangent. Let’s […]

New Year’s (Finally)

It has been an interesting year, with an even more interesting finish. Because I feel the need to be awfully restative (copyright Red 2014, all rights reserved; as opposed to last year when the word of the day was understative), what I am going to do is quickly summarize all the nuttiness that composed 2013, […]