New Year’s (Finally)

It has been an interesting year, with an even more interesting finish.

Because I feel the need to be awfully restative (copyright Red 2014, all rights reserved; as opposed to last year when the word of the day was understative), what I am going to do is quickly summarize all the nuttiness that composed 2013, how I feel about its successor, and of course the matter of resolutions.

So 2013 began with my dad’s birthday, as years usually do. I stayed the night with Hannah after a New Year’s party at her house with our respective boyfriends of the time. And we spent January all hanging out together and with the beginning of our last semester of high school. I went back to swimming. February was more of the same – calculus and going to pep band games and swimming and hanging out with each other on weekends. With March came the beginning of track and the end of my relationship with Matt. Spring break was skiing in McCall. April brought early registration in Pocatello, some very difficult days, and prom with Derek who saved my lonely butt once again. May was easier, busy with Lucy Maud Montgomery’s eloquent designation of “last things,” last tests and last concerts and last issues and last days. And then I graduated, and that was slightly surreal and very weird.

June brought being an assistant coach of sorts for the local swim team and doing absolutely nothing toward my own physique and hanging out with Hannah as she dealt with her own breakup and brought her friend from California to meet and go to Shakespeare with us. July was my eighteenth birthday, more routine, the biathlon, and driving to Minnesota for my beautiful cousin’s wedding. August we came home, and a last vacation with my family in McCall, trying to find huckleberries and sort of failing, and then off I went to Pocatello and started the next chunk of my life, which included battling geology, learning what it meant to write a paper for college, and watching entirely too much Doctor Who. September was more of the same, just sort of learning to exist independently of my family. October continued, and Jake decided to confess his undying love for me, love which apparently died not long after. November, and I finally visited home in the first days of the month. My poor mom was too sick even to hug me hello, but my sisters were both sufficiently surprised. And I went back for Thanksgiving, and although it is a weird, weird thing to see your family’s life and/or lives continuing without you, it is nice to go back to be with them. December began, and Kailyn introduced me to Stephen, who is an absolute dear, and we have only had the beginnings of all the fun I think is in store for us. And then, as the crowning jewel to an emotionally ridiculous year, I’d been home for Christmas for less than three days when my mother called from Minnesota to say that my grandfather had died, and two days after Christmas we were in Minneapolis hugging our family very, very tightly. His memorial service was on the 28th, and then we spent the last few days just being together when we needed each other, and we flew home today.

2014 feels weird, and I think it’s because for so long the year I looked forward to was 2013. So how it feels to arrive at a year I didn’t really think about the approach of is very strange. I’d like to think I grew up a lot this year, though of course we’re never done.

And of course, resolutions.

Last year I resolved to:

-run 3x a week when track or cross country were not in session.

Utter fail.

-wear my contact.

Also utter fail.

-find some way of recording the year.

I suppose this blog is as good as anything.

-practice Swedish.

I tried. I still know a word or two.

-do everything I can to pass the AP test.


-swear less

…well, it fluctuated.

-be a good friend/daughter/sister/editor/student/girlfriend/person/kid in general.

All told, I think I was a pretty good friend this year to the people who matter most, and I think I was a good daughter to my parents. I know that my relationship with my sister Kristen made some great strides, and I have tried to be a good sister to Anna as well, although she is thirteen and I am not and we have trouble relating sometimes. I was an excellent editor, if I can say that, and I was also a good student, having finished high school with a 3.8 and gotten all A’s in my first semester of college (whoop!). As far as girlfriend goes, I think I tried to be good to Matt while he was a part of my life, and I have tried to be good to Stephen although no one’s said the word girlfriend yet. Not that that matters.

I did okay this year. It was very hard work, but I think I did okay.

And for 2014, what do I want to do?

Let’s see. I want to continue to get good grades, and by good I mean good enough to maintain my scholarship, which is not quite as good as the ones I’ve earned. So that’s cool.

I want to do something towards my abs every day, so I can maybe please have defined abs by the year ends. So there will be lots of planks and running and salad eating going on.

I want to continue to learn how to improvise and to practice Swedish more often.

I want to try to go work at Sjölunden this summer, too. (My sister might go to Waldsee! So that’s extremely cool.)

I want to be better about money, because in my newfound freedom I have been somewhat reckless.

I want to read more. A lot more. More Madeleine, but also more of everyone else. I picked up Sylvia Plath in the airport bookstore today, and now I really want to read it. I have a list, and the university library. I think I will make it another goal to finish Shakespeare by year’s end.

And, as with every year, to quote The Love Letters, I suppose I think there should be love. I love my parents, my sisters, my family, my good friends, Christopher Eccleston… ahem. Anyway, I hope, as ever, that 2014 is another year for love to grow stronger and deeper, so here’s to that.

Here we go!


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