Never a Bad Day

I like to think that I believe (got that?) that there’s no such thing as a bad day. Even bad days are themselves usually not inherently bad. I remember trying to think of a day that would qualify as the worst day of my life. (I thought I’d written about this before but I went […]

Book Survey

Because I spend a disproportionate amount of time poking around in other people’s corners of the Internet, today I found a book survey. Being a fan of Charlie McDonnell’s YouTube channel eventually led me to Bryarly Bishop’s blog. And she posted a book survey. And I liked it. So I’m taking it. Here’s that. 1. […]

Title Change

Lots of literary things have been cool recently. For instance, today I read the play┬áStanding on My Knees and thought it was quite brilliant. And, inspired by some of the lovely exchanges in it, I started what I am calling my Notebook of Beautiful Words, and already it has several pages of just good thoughts […]

A Shout into the Void

I’m reading the Brothers Karamazov. There are almost a thousand pages, and I haven’t made it to 300 yet. But I love it. I checked it out primarily because of Madeleine L’Engle (why else, right?); in the book of her quotations that I have, she talks (frequently throughout the selection) about her admiration for Dostoyevsky, […]


I was thinking tonight about the boys I’ve dated, or whatever you call it in this generation when we all snuggle and hold hands and no one asks what it is that’s going on. And I half-jokingly thought to myself that none of them have been “normal.” All three have had unconventional childhoods. In two […]


One of the things I love, and remember fondly about all the times my mom’s parents came to visit us, is the absolute abandon that occurs when someone you love comes home (or to visit, as in this case). We used to open the front door and run down the walk, regardless of closing said […]