I was thinking tonight about the boys I’ve dated, or whatever you call it in this generation when we all snuggle and hold hands and no one asks what it is that’s going on.

And I half-jokingly thought to myself that none of them have been “normal.” All three have had unconventional childhoods. In two cases their parents divorced when they were three. Often, when I was around them, in trying to understand them I would consider their backgrounds, and tonight I laughed to myself and thought, am I ever going to find someone normal?

And then I remembered that even I, though I am quite ordinary, am not necessarily normal, and that to try to find a normal person is basically futile and ridiculous. There aren’t any. It is hard to remember that everyone around you is a human of their own kind of complexity. Some of us are quite ordinary, perhaps a bit boring, but no one is quite normal. There is too much awesome variance in the universe for that to be possible, and we are all too human to try.

And that is awesome.


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