So there are a couple things I want to talk about today, and a couple of them might involve a bit TMI. I am going to talk about them regardless.

I knew when I went to bed last night that today would be busy, and it was, but I stayed awake till one to finish The Awakening which, once I absorb the hit my amount of sleep took, will be worth it. (Very good book.) I woke up around 8 and got myself into a dress and jacket, complete with the heels I bought so I wouldn’t violate the closed-toe shoe rule of professional dress code anymore, which turned out to be a bit too big, so after walking very clumsily to class, I slipped to the bathroom and shoved some paper towels in the toes. After humanities, I hurried up to the computer lab to print what ended up being a FORTY PAGE 10-K report and sort of holding up the entire queue at the printers for five minutes. I switched to the Converse in my backpack as fast as I could and scurried to accounting.

My accounting professor makes a habit of reviewing the homework with us, and told us he’d send us the answers to two out of three of the sections assigned. I had had a lot of trouble with the third, so I wanted to review that. And one of the other students needed to understand THE ENTIRE FIRST SECTION, STEP BY STEP, EXTREMELY THOROUGHLY. And while I should be understanding that she needed help, she could get those answers without having to rehash the entire section. It was irritating. I was irritated.

Then I got out of class, thinking that I had to dash up the hill to the dining hall, eat as quickly as I could, and dash back down to meet Photina and Ashley for an IBLOY sales adventure in exactly an hour. But I stopped in the bathroom and discovered that I’d bled on my favorite underwear. Cue serious aggravation, dashing up the hill to my room to change and wash them out, dashing back down the hill to get a sandwich from the convenience store instead, and dashing further down the hill to eat and review for a linguistics quiz that afternoon in the basement of the business building. (And at the same time, text a former staff writer about some advice in journalism. Which took some mental effort.)

Anyway, having made it back to lower campus in time I went to meet Photina and Ashley for our sales adventure, changed back to my heels in the car, made two sales pitches, put my Converse back on, got back to the business building, went to linguistics, took a quiz that I don’t even remember the contents of and then stopped paying attention and decided I wasn’t working out today because the cramps were so awful. Dashed up to my room, changed clothes, downed an ibuprofen and crawled into bed to eat a Rice Krispie, watch vlogbrothers and do German homework. Derek and I agreed to meet for dinner at 5:45, so we did, and I ate dinner before dashing back down the hill to the business building to meet Photina, who was giving me a ride up to the veterans’ home for the fraternity’s service project.

We spent about an hour, sitting on the floor of a room belonging to two old ladies who were each absolute dears, and listening to them talk reminded me of that thing which says, to regain your perspective, talk to an eight-year-old and an eighty-year-old. It was probably the best thing about my day.

Photina dropped me off at home, I ran upstairs, threw together my laundry (which was an enormous load because I did my sheets), put it in the washers (sorry, Owen Hall, I used both), ran back upstairs and actually did work out. YAY ME. Went downstairs, threw all the wet laundry in my bag (heaviest. thing. ever.), and hauled it back upstairs. I know now why I don’t lift weights.

I turned my roommate’s old empty bed frame into a big fat drying rack and hung everything else all over the room. I’m hoping the sheets dry before I get too tired to stay upright in my chair anymore. I may just put my mattress on the floor and crash there with an uncased pillow and a snowflake blanket. This is how poor college students save their quarters: two loads in the washer and zero in the dryer. And now my entire room smells vaguely of cookies, which is for some reason what wet laundry out of the Owen Hall laundry rooms smells like. Although I don’t believe I’d eat cookies that smell like this.

Basically, I’m pretty proud of what I got done today, but I need some delicious orange Gatorade and a nine-hour nap. So now that everyone knows what a successful day I had I think I’ll go do that.


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