Terrifying Things

I did another thing that terrifies me today!

Actually, that’s not true. I did three of them. Well, two and a half.

But I actually had quite an interesting day.

I woke up, checked the weather app, noticed it was threatening rain, looked outside, saw that it was not raining, and figured I’d risk it. I put my suit on and went to class. Here was how that went down:

Dorm to class: dry

Class to next class: dry

Class to lunch: dry

Lunch back to dorm: DRENCHED

I was so close.

And then, I’d been back in my room for ten minutes tops when the sun came out. I looked out my window and said, “Idaho, you did not!” very indignantly.

Anyway, then I called an engineering firm here in town and made a sales pitch to them for a big fundraiser the fraternity is doing. I was mildly (severely) terrified. And it actually went okay. I think they might have actually been interested. HOLY COW.

After that I went to linguistics class, which was uneventful, and then I went outside and one of my fraternity brothers picked me up and together we went to another company and I made another sales pitch, and, though it wasn’t quite because of my pitch that it happened, they bought a table. MAJOR YAY. So I’ve done my part and it feels fantastic.

And those were the first two things that I did that terrified me today.

The third (the half thing) was sitting next to a guy I have a mild (severe) crush on at a basketball game. I didn’t succeed much in talking to him, hence the half thing. But I did, a little bit, kinda, maybe… in my defense, I am really bad at talking casually to people, and even worse when I’ve thought about kissing them.

Funny thing of the day: I was standing at the stoplight between Turner and the gym and two guys walk up behind me. This was the exchange:

Guy #1: “Yes, Norway is next to Sweden. It’s basic geography, man.”

Guy #2: “You don’t have to be such a smartass about it, Jim.”

Me: *snickers and then runs across the street when the WALK sign flashes so I don’t have to feel embarrassed because they know I was listening*


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