Poetic Justice: Anniversary Post


I’m eating a Milky Way bar.

Because it’s the third anniversary of Along the Milky Way. (YAY.)

It wasn’t always called Along the Milky Way. At first I called it Stuff Better Left Unsaid, and later I got all tempestuous and called it Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On. As a matter of fact, if you go back to the old blog, the menu to choose categories is called The Stuff This Blog Is Made On, and of course the categories all begin with the word stuff.

The first anniversary of AtMW I didn’t even have a post to mark the day – we go straight from the 16th to the 24th. As I remember that was an incredibly busy week of my life.

The second anniversary skips the day directly – we go from the 17th to the 19th, and on March 19th there are two posts, one ranting about the day, and one to go, “Oh! Yesterday was the anniversary! Oops!”

Interestingly enough, today is making me think a bit about the beginnings of this blog, for a couple of reasons.

I get daily (well, frequent) emails from the university job server telling me what positions on campus have opened up, and today it seems like the ENTIRE NEWSPAPER STAFF is wide open.

I applied to the campus newspaper last spring in anticipation of starting here, and I didn’t get the job. Which was okay, and it was that that made me think twice about doing anything further with journalism, because, as I realized, I was a bit sick of it. But, having had a break, and not being above wanting to make a bit of money, I saw that email and I have been thinking about going back to it. I don’t know yet.

And the other thing is that I found a poem in my anthropology notebook that I presumably wrote when I was killing time in speech (it used to be my speech notebook). And because I used to write a lot more, it was kind of cool to find it. I’m going to copy it here. It’s called “Pocket Dial.”

the phone rang and it was her
and though it had been years
he still picked up
(it’d become a habit, after all)
and said hello

there was no response,
only people talking at a distance,
voices. typical laughter and joking.
and then she laughed, quite close,
quite far.
it only took a moment.

quietly he hung up without another word,

and thought about days

when he would have laughed, too.

So that has been my day. Also, people are wondrous.


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