The Future of Love

My sister has to do a poetry project for her sophomore English class —> she asked me for help thinking of poems —> I remembered a similar poetry project I did in the eighth grade —> I was poking around in drawers to find it —> I found this which I think I wrote in my junior year of high school. I titled it “The Future of Love,” and it is a neat little exercise in understanding that a piece of writing does not have to have a particular label to have a title.

I think if you love someone, you can see your whole future in their eyes. My mom told me once that when you can’t imagine yourself without them, you love them. Maybe I’ve just poeticized that in my nifty little statement, but I think if you love someone they make up more of your future than anything else; they are the biggest, the most important, the dearest of your dreams. But if you really love someone and they really love you, they won’t monopolize your other dreams – rather, they’ll help you get there. When you love someone, you put your heart in their hands, but your future as well. Perhaps if they look at your future and want it for you, it’ll beam back at you from their eyes. The future you dream of and the eyes you love? What could improve that?


1. This is a pretty cool thing for sixteen-year-old me to have written.

2. As I was transcribing this out of my messy handwriting (I tend to slur my r’s into everything else), I thought that the word “there,” as in, “rather, they’ll help you get there,” was actually “them,” to mean your dreams. They will help you get your dreams. I like that it was actually the word “there,” to imply that the achievement of dreams is less an acquisition than a journey.

3. This makes me think of the cliche “Behind every great man stands a great woman,” which can be equally true if it becomes “Behind every great woman stands a great man,” or whatever arrangement fits the situation. I like this about the idea of love; I like the thought that two people in love, in the best kind of love, will help to make each other better. And will help each other to the achievement of other things which are important to each.

4. The line “Perhaps if they look at your future and want it for you” is quite nice.

5. This does not deal very well with the possibility that the future you dream of is not very good for you. So I suppose that basically someone who sees a future which is both good for you and is something which you would really, truly be happy with, and someone who is in that future with you, is someone that you are in love with, and you shouldn’t ignore it.

The trouble with that lies in knowing what constitutes “good for you” and what constitutes “something you could live with.”

So life is hard all round regardless, but this is a pretty neat thing to have dug out of my desk drawers. And I was only sixteen when I wrote this. I don’t write half such thoughtful things now.


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