(So if you read up the last two posts are Grey Sweaters and that makes me happy because I happen to be rather fond of grey and sweaters and grey sweaters.) So I used to collect sweatshirts. (Still do, when I can.) Most of the ones I ended up amassing were high school this and […]


There’s a set of words going round the Internet recently that EVERY GIRL EVER is quoting and reposting because “omg i just can’t even this is so me!!!!! *sassy kiss-blowing emoji*” Gag. However, the set of words in question is actually kind of nice. Behold: I either eat too much or starve myself. Sleep for […]

More Rumi Amazingness

This is a poem called “The Caravan’s Bells.” Love and patience do not go together. Reason cannot stop your tears. Ecstasy is like a beautiful town that cannot be controlled by any one of its inhabitants. The caravan of life is passing us by, but no one can hear the sound of the bells.  


I have cried – big sloppy tears and plenty of snot – twice today. For two different reasons. In condensed form, they are that (a) I love my father very much and (b) I used to really suck at track and field. In not-so-condensed form, they go like this. (a) My father teaches high school […]

Rumi Amazingness

From the introduction to my edition of the Forbidden Rumi: “As Rumi says, love hits everybody – if one is open enough, that is. It completely throws life into a spin, but what a spin it is! What will today bring? Another roller coaster ride of love in which moments of ecstatic weightlessness alternate with […]

The Smartest Person In the Room

Hello. I spend an inordinate amount of time on Twitter. It’s my primary social network, being that I still don’t have a Facebook, though that may change soon. According to Wikipedia, Facebook was officially founded in February 2004, which would mean that Facebook and I have existed independently of each other for ten years, and […]