Doctor Who (Again…Still) (Also Libraries)

It’s obvious that I like Doctor Who

…a lot.

I’m from an air force town, which means that a lot of the people I knew when I was younger have since moved away.

Thinking about the two main ones – a girl I was best friends with in the fourth grade, and a guy I dated when I was a freshman – I thought about the wonders of social media and the contact I have had with them since they left, and both of them are now Doctor Who fans.

And that, quite frankly, encourages me a great deal about my choices in friendships to date.

I’ve been reading a lot and I am rather proud of myself for reading so many books I haven’t read before.

Currently I am reading a book called To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis, as recommended to me (not personally) by John Green.

And I just want to tell everyone that the ISU library basement, despite containing the Arthur P. Oliver Law Library and thereby not being a place I would find very interesting, looks like a very good place to be hiding among the shelves when the love of your life finds you. Aside from the books that you definitely would not stop to read in the middle of making out with someone, unless they were a really horrible kisser. Okay, I have problems.


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