(So if you read up the last two posts are Grey Sweaters and that makes me happy because I happen to be rather fond of grey and sweaters and grey sweaters.)

So I used to collect sweatshirts. (Still do, when I can.)

Most of the ones I ended up amassing were high school this and that (cross country, choir, etc.) and I gave a few away to my sisters over the years or whatever.

Also, I love wearing sweaters whenever I can, and I looked down at the one I’m wearing today and realized that a lot of my sweaters and sweatshirts have interesting or resonant memories attached to them, so I want to write about that.

For instance, the one I’m wearing today, which is black and has one of those big shawl necks with buttons on it and is sort of my favorite, is one that I wore (actually, that I bought specifically) for my grandfather’s funeral last December. And I wore it under my coat when we went sledding at an elementary school near my uncle’s house that night, and I remember very vividly after five of us crashed the toboggan that snow went up my back and I shook it out and there is no sensation weirder than wet wooly fabric.

There’s another one, that is also sort of my favorite, which is grey and black stripes and has one of those little stitched v’s under the neck, and I’ve pulled out half of one side so it’s very adorable and crooked. That was the sweater I wore the day Matt broke up with me. It’s still my favorite sweater despite. (I also wore it one of the first few times I hung out with Stephen.)

I also have a plain grey one which is actually just a bit too short for me, and it used to belong to Hannah. This past summer when her dad asked me to clean out her room before she came back from California, I found it, and when she did come back and was going through all the things, she told me to keep it. So I did, and I love it. I wore it to play at the Brewery last November.

I have a brown GAP sweatshirt that I wore on my first day ever at Sjolunden. (Mistake. It was like 90 degrees in the shade.)

I have a blue Space Needle sweatshirt that I wore the first time I hung out with Matt, and also which I wore to hang out with Stephen once and his uncle asked me if I were from Seattle. No, but it’s one of my favorite cities.

I wonder what other ones are at home that I can’t remember.

I also have the Mountain Home track windbreaker that Quidi threw over the fence for me while I finished my workout. Years and years ago now. Literally, because you can’t say “years and years” unless it was at least four. And it was.


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