How to Crush an Accounting Final in 17 Easy Steps

1. Start writing a flashcard set at 9 pm the night before.

2. Finish this flashcard set at 9:45.

3. Go over to your friend’s apartment.

4. Spend the next couple hours going through the flashcard set trying desperately to make it to 100% on the first round. Thank any applicable deities for Quizlet.

5. Walk to Albertsons with friend at quarter past midnight and buy yourself a pint of s’mores Ben & Jerry’s.

6. Walk back to friend’s apartment and sit on the floor eating it while reading the fifth Game of Thrones book.

7. Wash the spoon you borrowed and leave.

8. Go to bed at around 1:45.

9. Spend the next two hours talking to yourself about very emotional things. Have a brief but intense sobbing meltdown at four in the morning.

10. Grab your iPod and start playing AmazingPhil videos until you are too tired to select a new one and fall asleep. This takes about half an hour.

11. Wake up an hour before your alarm with the distinct realization that you need to shower, but feel unable to go back to sleep.

12. Try anyway.

13. Wake up with your alarm at 9.

14. Get up, shower, throw on some clothes, go through half the flashcard set one more time and rush down campus to take your final.

15. Take your final. Check every answer six times.

16. Come back to your room.

17. Find that what was left of the ice cream pint from the night before has now become soup. Eat it anyway.

And that’s how you pass an accounting final, folks.


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