I saw a thing and it made me mad

I Saw A Thing and It Made Me Mad: The Story of My Life on the Internet These Days

Anyway, what I saw was something about marriage legality in Australia. (Don’t ask.)

Apparently, in Australia, according to this person, it costs $400 and months of legal runaround with the government for your marriage to be officially recognized by the government, and this person was a bit miffed about it.

Someone replied to the Australian resident’s post saying how sorry she was that it cost $400 to make your marriage legal! Yikes! and adding that the replier was from Portland, Oregon, where apparently it costs $60 and a 30-minute wait for a license.

The person from Oregon said nothing else about it. So I am not assuming that Oregon Person thinks $60 and half an hour is a ridiculous price for wanting to get married.

But I think there are a lot of people who think it’s ridiculous, and that if at 2:43 am on a Thursday they want to get married and be legally recognized they should be able to march off to the courthouse or wherever and be legally recognized as married in the eyes of the state by 3 am. Put simply, they don’t want to wait; they want this thing that they want to be available to them, NOW, IMMEDIATELY, WITHOUT DELAY OR PROBLEM.

I have a problem with this.

Anything worth having is not easy. I am a major proponent of this belief. And to show you what I mean, think of Romeo and Juliet. Classic bad-idea couple, who couldn’t wait to get married so they could have all the sexy times, and then their impetuosity and overemotional emotion got them killed. I maintain that if they had acknowledged their feelings but WAITED until Juliet was safely married to Paris, there is probably the definite possibility that they could have carried on an illicit relationship, which also may not have been terribly uncommon. But they didn’t suss out the situation, they were driven by spontaneity and a little bit of lust, though lust isn’t the only thing that contributes to such impulse marriages (and not the only thing that makes them unfortunate).

And then think of Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe, who waited THREE YEARS while they were engaged to make sure they actually liked each other and weren’t just glad to get away from Roy and Christine, respectively. Well, they waited so he could finish med school. But you know.

And think of Meg Murry and Calvin O’Keefe, who were just friends at the beginning, and we’re never even really told that they even have a romantic relationship until BAM they’re married and she’s pregnant in Swiftly Tilting Planet. But they’ve both finished college by that time. But she says – I think to Progo in Wind in the Door that when she’s with Calvin, she doesn’t mind being Meg. But she never calls him her boyfriend, it is never acknowledged that they do anything (I think they kiss in Wrinkle in Time, but that was on a different planet and both were very excited). They wait.

And think of someone a bit more classical: Mitya Karamazov and his Grushenka, whom he just had to have, and it was that same rushed impulse of gotta get to the girl that landed him in the series of events that got him accused of murdering his father. Nice, right?

So there you go. That’s what I think about not waiting to make sure you love someone and can handle listening to them chew.


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