On Fluency, Bitchiness, Redemption and Eye Contact

Oh hi.

As far as ‘hi’ goes, let me just explain real fast that I am in fact saying hi from my favorite little Swedish village in Minnesota, and that with some words, one language is on top, and with others, it’s another.

So sorry for that in advance.

Now for strange conglomerative titles.

1. Fluency

It has been on my mind a lot of late, considering  that I am at a language village. My prepositions are shot in both languages. Probably in German too, but I haven’t tried. However, I can apparently answer quite quickly without thinking about it, which brings me to #2.

2. Bitchiness

So there’s one particular fellow counselor with whom I never really got along when we were villagers, and now we work together. And I am quite intimidated by her and her Swedish experience and her fluency and her self-assuredness and the slightly snooty look on her face all the time. But a couple things have happened today which have made me wonder. She’s joked with me a little, we planned an evening program together, and afterwards, we were back in the cabin and she said, “can you go help clean up?” She had already said this once, so I kind of snapped at her and said, “I know, I heard you the first time!” And she said, “oh sorry,” not in a God-you’re-rude way or an intimidated way, but a genuinely sorry way. I didn’t deserve that. Point being, I am not established in Swedish, but I can have feelings in it. And I can maybe begin to build a bridge with it. Which I think covers #3.

And 4. Eye contact

…is nice, even by itself.



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