kon nichi wa.

I’ve reverted to old understative habits. Just ’cause it looks nice.

Anyway, kon nichi wa.

I started my fourth foreign language yesterday. If you count Spanish. Which I usually do, and have begun to think I may need to brush up on it, even if I just go through duolingo. It’s useful, and not a bad language. I just love others more.

So today I realized that I have to go to a 300-level German class on Friday (!) and can barely remember a word of German. (What I need to do is get a German copy of The Fault in Our Stars. Actually, that’s a really good idea.)

Ich heiβe Erika, ich komme aus Mountain Home, ich studiere Buchhaltung und Deutsch; und jetzt finde ich Deutsch ein biβchen schwer, weil ich diese Sommer Schwedish zu Kinder gelehrt habe.

Oj. Det gjorde faktisk lite ont.

Gah. What a lovely problem to have, to love too many languages.

It is not, however, a lovely problem to have homework in stats and accounting, aber so ist das Leben. Sånt är livet. Such is life.

On that note, I am going to start the application process for studying in Sweden next year. (Right now my browser tabs are the International Program Office at Umeå Universitet, this blog, and the poster for Nightmare in Silver, a Doctor Who episode. How very demonstrative of the things I do with my time. Ha.)

School has started, and I’m back to the grind, as evidenced by the stats and accounting I need to do. I was also offered a job of sorts playing the piano for a church in American Falls probably starting next January, and I need to call that lady back because playing for money sounds like a darned sweet deal. Also, I haven’t eaten yet today. Bleh.

But other than that, life is good. Also, people are wondrous.


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