post-sjölunden depression – again.

Apparently it’s coming in waves.

I just cannot express the enormous ridiculity of the idea that is Sjölunden – and the wonder that it in fact works and we all love it.

And how special and fleeting it is. Particularly if you never come back. Which I have already failed at doing – thank God.

I just can’t help but miss it once in a while, I guess. Processing things in pieces.

It takes greatness of spirit to realize that the need is not meetable, and just to get on with life.

And yet do so without forgetting how much I love it and how important it is. God, life and maturity are weird things. Seriously freakin’ weird. Patience and loving things without going crazy and all that other stuff. I’m so torn. Why do I have to love things which are geographically and chronically inaccessible?

And there is no music which makes this better, except possibly a little Einaudi. Well, that’s not a bad idea.


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