things i do not do.

Things I Do Not: A Miniseries. Continuing this week with the second installment, Things I Do Not Do. (Some of this may be offensive.) 1. Make grammar mistakes. Okay, this is basically a holdover from pre-working at Sjölunden days when I legitimately did ALWAYS know you’re from your, there from their and they’re, and to […]

things i do not like.

Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnddddd the pendulum swings the other way. There are three things I don’t like. 1. The fact that I still have to order a brand-new Japanese workbook. 2. The fact that one of my childhood friends is FLIRTING with me. Ineptly. NO. STOP THAT. 3. Crippling insecurity about other people’s feelings towards me. That. I […]

on letters.

In my profile of Mr. Bird, which is now quite antique, I wrote that letters are a “poetic, permanent mode of communication.” I rather like that turn of phrase, and I want to talk about it (very briefly because it’s 1:30 AM and I am tired). I wrote a letter to Hannah today and scribbled […]