all replete with very me.

I’m writing a novel.

The same novel, interestingly enough, that I had such hopes for back in June. Wow go me still working on one project! Maybe I need forced month-long breaks more often, so I’ll be raring to go back to it.

That said, this novel is driving me crazy.

Some brief important details are that there are fiveish main characters. One is a main character in that her role drives the other four characters’ development throughout the rest of the book, but she herself ceases to be an active character less than twenty pages in. The remaining four go away to college. Two are a boy and a girl in a long-standing committed relationship. The other two are a boy and a girl in a long-standing friendship. All four are friends with each other.

Basically, these remaining four keep surprising me.

The two in the relationship, for clarity’s and brevity’s sakes, are Jack and Katie. The friends are Leah and Charlie. The fifth disappearing character is Liz.

Jack and Katie’s relationship is, despite some liberty of detail, meant to be modeled after the relationship my friends Hannah and Tanner had when we were seniors, and also a bit after my friends Kailyn and Kory with less liberty of detail and more liberty of everything else.

But Katie is not Hannah.

Hannah is a very important character in my life, so it makes complete sense that she influences this book. But she isn’t very much like Katie. Katie is actually rather more like me, when I think about it. Oh God she is.

Hannah appears very much in Leah.

Hannah is perceived by her friends (Derek and me) much in the same way Liz is perceived by the other four, and Liz herself is a little bit of Hannah.

Jack – I’m not sure where Jack is coming from. He’s not Tanner, nor is he Kory. Nor is he anyone I’ve ever dated or wanted to.

Charlie is Derek, and there is nothing I can do about it. But he is also Charlie.

And Leah, despite being very Hannah, is also very me.

The funny thing is that none of the things that happen to these people have also happened to me. I can’t really explain that without a lot of spoilers, and I am very anti-spoiler because I want people to read the whole thing at once and have it hit them all together as it should. Quite honestly, I want everyone to be surprised. Knocked off their seats by the twists. Never see it coming.

Because I am vain, I suppose. Only if that is true would I also be writing a novel about me and my friends.


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