pity fest.

I am in a bad spot right now.

I am exhausted, sick and tired. My throat doesn’t feel great, my head hurts, my allergy eyes are giving me ten kinds of hell, and my nose is all stuffy.

In addition to that, I have just spent about 24 hours out at Sun Valley on a retreat with the fraternity, so I’m tired, tired, tired, sick of socializing, and disoriented. Also, I left my room in a mess because this week was nuts enough that I didn’t make time to clean it up. And I guess I am like my mother in that coming home to a mess just makes me grumpy as hell. And my laundry is reaching Everestial heights. In addition to that, I’m hormonal.

On top of all of this, I have to go out to Aberdeen tomorrow morning to play the piano. This isn’t going to go well; I can already feel it. I’m tired, out of practice and just plain not ready.

And I’m not done yet: I somehow managed to misplace my Japanese workbook – the one which contains all the homework assignments for the rest of the semester. I explained this to my professor and said would you mind emailing me the homework for the weekend? She said sure, or I’ll put it on the class website, or something. I checked the class website today. She put the assignment details up, WHICH I HAPPENED TO ALREADY KNOW. I don’t know what the !@#$ing assignment actually is. So that’s making me freak out because what if she holds me responsible for an assignment I am incapable of getting done and did in fact ask her help for and fuckity blah blah blah.

I also have a test each in German and Japanese this week which I am not ready for.

And, to give it a lovely last touch, I am feeling most decidedly rejected by two of my favorite people and it doesn’t make me feel wonderful.

And I fucking broke my watch, which I have not taken off for longer than it takes to shower, swim or sauna (except once, but that’s another story) since I first came to school, and you’ve no idea how much that is probably contributing to my current stormy mental climate.

And the point of all of that? I don’t know what to do.


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