job and language list.


Clearly I have been spending an oddly excessive amount of time on the old blog today. No, really, I have. I discovered some interesting stuff which I will detail in a moment. First I want you all to know that I have landed a job playing the piano at a church in American Falls on Sundays and they will pay me $40 a Sunday. WEE. Also, my resume is pushing a page in length. YAY FOR HAVING TO EDIT RESUMES.

However, what I actually want to display is a list I made in April 2013 of the languages I knew already and wanted to learn. It’s cool. Here is that list:

Languages I Know: 




A little Spanish

A smattering of Gaelic

Norwegian and Danish by association

Languages I Want to Know: 






Chinese?? If I get that far.

Greek?? Ditto.


Which now looks more like:

Languages I Know:

English, German, Swedish, a smidgen of Spanish which I intend to improve upon, a smidgen of Gaelic which I hope to improve upon, Norwegian and Danish by association and the beginnings of Japanese

Languages I Want to Know:

Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, Greek, Dutch, Arabic, Sanskrit??


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