on letters.

In my profile of Mr. Bird, which is now quite antique, I wrote that letters are a “poetic, permanent mode of communication.” I rather like that turn of phrase, and I want to talk about it (very briefly because it’s 1:30 AM and I am tired).

I wrote a letter to Hannah today and scribbled Gallifreyan all over it. I literally stopped in the middle of paragraphs to sketch some of my favorite literary phrases in Gallifreyan. It was cool. Gallifreyan is one of the few art forms I can be pleased with my own efforts thereof. I will be writing more letters.

In my letter to Hannah, I said to her something (veiled) about how I am struggling (and have been for a long time) with accepting love from other people in the way they are best able to give it as opposed to in the way I am best able to receive it.

I am still struggling with that, but I quoted The Awakening: I love Hannah “Because [I] do, in short.” Same goes for everyone else – I love them because I do, in short. I am not questioning that. I will not be giving up on it.

But everybody loves differently. How do you make it work? You can’t spend your whole life waiting for people who love the same way you do. (You can’t choose your sparrows – The Arm of the Starfish) You have to love the people you encounter, or at least try to show them love.

I am reminded of something my humanities professor said last spring (ironically, same class in which we studied The Awakening): “It’s about making your creation work with everyone else’s.” She was talking about theater. I am talking about love.

As usual.


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