more important questions.

Filched from an old Vlogbrothers video:

What’s in your pocket?

Currently? Nothing. I had a crumpled napkin. And my wallet.

What do you fear?

The possibility that I may never forge a deep connection with another human being ever again.

What do you love?

Oh, you know. My mom and dad and medium sister and little sister and Hannah and Derek and Photina and Helena and Kailyn and lots of other important people in my family and fraternity and hometown and among my Sjölunden and Pocatello friends and the memory of my grandfather and Madeleine L’Engle and books and boats and my dog and the New York Giants and legal pads and fonts and writing Gallifreyan and LANGUAGES especially Swedish and nice pens and pianos and orange Gatorade and Doctor Who and tea and skiing and maybe Minnesota Guy a teeny tiny bit. Lots of things.


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