late to bed.

It’s nearly one a.m. and I am the kind of tired where putting on pajamas is too much, but continuing to stare at the Internet is not. Clearly, considering that I have come here to write about it. So the last couple of days have been pretty great. I’m sitting here eating fruit snacks because […]

late to the party.

So because I wasn’t actually on Facebook in the earlier part of this decade I missed out on doing all that fun stuff where your friends make you answer 95 questions and whatever, but sometimes, because I am a creep, I discover 2011-era challenges that seem kind of fun(ny) and then do them for myself […]

on good behavior.

You know that thing that says “well-behaved women never make history”? I like that line, too. To be frank, well-behaved people in general do sometimes make history, but the idea is that if you behave the way history says you should behave, you will not make any new. How about that thing tweeted by someone […]

generational complaints and why I don’t hold with.

Two things about that title: evidently, understativeness is not immune to capitalization, but Swedish phrasing is immune to regular grammar. Take a flying leap, ending-sentences-with-prepositions rule. All right. Have a thing. This thing is, ah, the complicated nature of dating in “this generation.” Let’s sidetrack to another thing. What the [Goldman] is a generation? (I’m […]

where the heart is. ish.

To quote the Eleventh Doctor, “Home again, home again, jiggity jig,” and interestingly enough he’s quoting too, so for once saying that I’m quoting a quote is actually correct, but moving on. I went home this weekend and did some things: -Helped my dad lift my grandpa’s lawn mower into the back of his truck […]