thirty days of something.

Oh hi.

So after some mild to middling emotional crises at intervals over the weekend (some family-induced, some not), I decided to do a thing. And that thing is now written on some index cards and taped to the back of my door.

Starting on Monday, I wrote that For the next thirty days, I will… and then listed a bunch of stuff, involving working out, eating right, getting sleep, doing homework, not wasting time on the internet, and a very new thing called caring about my clothes.

That particular item reads, “Wear carefully chosen outfits which do not include t-shirts (exception: Bengal Wednesday) every day.” Today is Wednesday, and there’s a tradition of wearing school gear on Wednesdays, but every other day, I intend to (and have been attempting to) look nice and put thought into what I’m wearing and how I look. That, coupled with the exercise I’m getting, has me swimming in endorphins. So yay for that. Also, I like harmlessly noticing when boys look at me. So there’s that.

And in a couple days I’m gonna write a letter.


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