autumn loveliness.

In an effort to simultaneously perpetuate and dispel the “white girls love fall” phenomenon of the internet, I have done a couple things. The first is to start calling it autumn instead, because, let’s face it, autumn is a prettier name for things than fall. Except for autumning in love, because that would be weird.

The second is to make a list of sorts talking about some of the things I enjoy about – ahem – autumn, and the third is to not include pumpkin spice lattes or Disney Channel Halloween movies on that list, because I don’t drink coffee and never watched Disney Channel as a kid and stereotypes can go hop off the edge.

So here are things I like about autumn.

1. Leaves.

There’s a quaint, silly, awesome superstition which says that if you happen to catch a leaf in mid-fall, you should kiss it, make a wish, and toss it back into the wind. Also, raking leaves and jumping in them. Come on. That’s fun. And even better, I remember making “leaf houses” in the yard with my sisters for hours on end when we were kids. (To make a leaf house, you rake the leaves into lines on the ground as though they are an architectural blueprint. It was glorious fun.)

2. Football.

I adore football, and I adore going to games (like going to the high school game under the lights or to ISU games in the dome when you’re there so long that the sky’s a different color when you come out, or spending all of Sunday knitting and watching the Giants from the couch, and when I was a kid, doing math homework wrapped up in a blanket.

3. Libraries.

I will admit to loving libraries in any season, any time, any possible how, but libraries are awesome in fall, and walking home in crisp air with leaves falling around your head and a new book to read (and not being ridiculously warm as you walk) is wonderful.

4. Coats.

Coats are amazing and I love wearing them, and I’ll be the first to admit that the shabby red one I love so much is not much of a coat, but I adore snuggling up in coats and walking down the quad among the breezes and the leaves.

5. Chilly nights.

There is something untouchably perfect about cuddling up in a warm bed when it’s cold outside that makes me grateful for it every time. And the part where in fall you finally have to pull the comforter back to preserve your warm spot when you get out of bed in the middle of the night is my favorite.

6. Road trips.

For whatever reason, driving in fall is always fun. I have no idea why. Perhaps because you’re not going to die of heatstroke (summer) or don’t have to worry about ice/snow/other (winter). Fall road trips are probably fun because the windows are newly closed, which is probably the exact opposite of why spring road trips are fun.

On that note, I am going home next weekend and there are a few things I can’t wait to do, among them:

1. Pore over my German book with my mom

2. Greet my dad in Japanese

3. Maybe watch some Doctor Who with my little sister

4. Make fun of people who need it with my medium sister



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