a rough, but not without merits, day.

So I’m going home Friday afternoon and on no account am I going to subject myself to having homework while I’m hanging out with my family. Excuse you.

Which means that I have a lot to do this week, including three different stats assignments (one of which I apparently tried to do without knowing how to do it; consequently I’m freaking out because I have to wait till class on Thursday for my teacher to explain it so I can do it, plus the quick-and-dirty explanation she emailed me doesn’t make any sense so I’m probably going to have to lug my freaking laptop to class on Thursday which is at eight in the morning and doesn’t sound like a fun thing to have to remember). Fortunately I’ve already done one of them, plus the accounting worksheet the lecture for which I semi-dozed through (oops) but got all right according to the “Check My Work” button (ha!) and the Japanese test which took forever. I still have the other two stats assignments and a German test, though. It’s probably kind of going to be crazy, especially considering the fact that I’ve got to find time all week to work out with Kailyn.

But there are good things, among them:

-I will be home to see my sister play in varsity volleyball districts. This will mark the first time I have seen her play live since she was a freshman and may be the last time I see her play live, as during her senior season I will be (ideally) in Sweden.

-Today I spoke a lot of German with my German professor, which is something we’ve both been falling down on the job about, and today we did it and it was excellent, and I confessed that German is still sort of difficult for me what with Swedish brain, and that I just need to hear it, and hopefully from here forward it will get easier. As long as I keep talking to myself in Swedish.

I’m tired and crampy and hormonal, but the world is not a bad place.


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