where the heart is. ish.

To quote the Eleventh Doctor, “Home again, home again, jiggity jig,” and interestingly enough he’s quoting too, so for once saying that I’m quoting a quote is actually correct, but moving on.

I went home this weekend and did some things:

-Helped my dad lift my grandpa’s lawn mower into the back of his truck and then reminisced with my grandpa about the one afternoon we spent picking grass out of the motor before we finally said what the heck, let’s take it in and get it repaired.

-Watched more Doctor Who with my smaller sister. That kid is smart. She’s way ahead of where the episode is, every time.

-Watched my medium sister play volleyball and even score a point, in a varsity districts tournament. This was pretty special because the last time I saw her play she was a freshman, and I won’t see her next year because I’ll be in a different country. Unless smaller sister Skypes me in for senior night or I make it to a club game in the spring, that was my last chance, and I’m so happy it happened.

-Spoke a rather surprising amount of German.

-Ate my mom’s homemade bread. Worth every minute of the drive, right there.

-Drove to Kuna to watch my hometown football team lose, as usual, with medium sister, but we had a grand time talking about everything on the drives and nearly getting lost.

-Spent hours talking with my dad about politics and plans and such, and the big old grin on his face when I asked him in Japanese if he would like some tea was just great.

So that was wonderful – a wonderful weekend, with some lovely stargazing over the desert on the late drive back with Kory and Kailyn. (Also some singing Frozen at the top of our lungs to annoy the crap out of Kory, but at least he was awake.) The stars made me decide that the Little Dipper will probably play a metaphorical role in this novel, perhaps inspired by the long-ago time when I pointed Cassiopeia out to Matt and rather impressed him (and I vaguely remember doing something similar with Minnesota Guy in the summer but that may be all in my head).

And then today a lot of good things happened: my grade in Econ is only .45 points away from being a B now, I took a test I wasn’t ready for and felt pretty darn good, I took a test I was ready for and felt pretty darn good, $40 was credited to my Amazon account for returning a book I bought the wrong version of by accident, my mom and I are setting things in motion for FINALLY getting my wisdom teeth out, and my hair looks good. And everything is coming up roses, to be quite honest. Oh, and I got a 98 on that app assignment.

In the ninth grade I was in the musical Li’l Abner and played a scientist who sang a song called “Oh Happy Day.”


The point of the title is that while I was at home I kept saying, “Oh I have one of those at home” when I meant “at school” and felt pretty bad saying that to my mom, but you know. I think my heart can live in a couple different places for now. And with that, Cheesy Red is signing out.


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