quick heartwarming thing.

So over the weekend when I was hanging out with my sister we were talking in the car about weddings. (Never mind why.) And I remarked (as I often do) that I don’t know if I will have a wedding wedding, because I dislike the idea of making such a huge fuss and some other introvert-y insecurities and also the weird perceived incompatibility of my family with weddings as I have seen them done. Read: I don’t see my parents wanting to throw a big traditional white wedding, but I don’t see them really wanting to get behind me doing my own thing, either. Not that that’s the only thing that holds me back from having a big traditional wedding – and honestly, all of this leaves out the factor of the groom, who might have a thing or two to say about it and to whom I might want to listen depending on who he is. I’m getting off topic. Let’s move on.

So I expressed my general disdain for the idea of having a big traditional wedding for myself, and my sister quoted The Cosby Show. Apparently, there is an episode in which the Huxtable sisters are having a similar discussion and Denise says that she wouldn’t want to make a big deal out of it, she’d just want to wear a nice dress and have sandwiches afterwards. And Kristen (my sister) said that she thinks of me when she watches that episode, as though it’s something I would say (and it is!). And I just felt like the word snuggle sounds. Gosh it’s nice to have people know you – and I mean really get you, even if they don’t get everything about you, they understand a thing or two. It’s like, “Yes, I have succeeded at helping you to understand some aspect, whether vitally important or not, of my personality. We are succeeding in our interhuman relationship. Go us.” (I mean, you have to reciprocate sometime. But nevertheless.)

All right. Time for some German homework.


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