on good behavior.

You know that thing that says “well-behaved women never make history”?

I like that line, too. To be frank, well-behaved people in general do sometimes make history, but the idea is that if you behave the way history says you should behave, you will not make any new.

How about that thing tweeted by someone I don’t follow and don’t know (I creep, sorry) the other day which went, “How do woman anti-feminists have any self-love at all?”

(I could tell her how.)

I dislike that line, obviously.

How about the part where everyone in this country tears each other apart about politics? Why is that necessary?

I feel a bit ridiculous, but I’m going to say this anyway: why is it necessary for me to feel rejected by people because of my politics? Why is it necessary for people to feel like they should avoid me because of my politics? I don’t like that at all, I’ll tell you that right now.

I saw a bumper sticker.

It said, “That’s Ms. Liberal, Pro-Choice, Tree-Hugging Hippie Freak to You, Pal.”

It’s basically impossible to find a conservative equivalent of this, hence my up-in-arms-ish-ness about why is being a conservative woman looked upon as being a traitor to your sex or something.

Anyway, if there were one which read, “That’s Miss Conservative, Pro-Life, Economically Literate Capitalist Freak to You, Pal,” I can tell you one thing.

I’d wear that across my ass.


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