late to bed.

It’s nearly one a.m. and I am the kind of tired where putting on pajamas is too much, but continuing to stare at the Internet is not. Clearly, considering that I have come here to write about it.

So the last couple of days have been pretty great. I’m sitting here eating fruit snacks because it’s late and I don’t want to eat chocolate, but the point is that these fruit snacks (and the chocolate I am avoiding) are in a big bag of (a) goodies and (b) NaNoWriMo stress relievers that my awesome friend gave me. We had a good laugh over some of the components, and then we and another fraternity brother spent about two hours standing outside in the cold and talking. It was lovely.

I also dressed up as Amy Pond for Halloween tonight (I know that technically tonight was the 30th – I don’t care – I had a Halloween event to go to). Companion cosplay, especially New Who companion cosplay, is the best because for a broke nineteen-year-old college girl, Rose’s hoodie or Amy’s miniskirt with tights are probably already in my closet somewhere.

Update: I seem to have eaten all the fruit snacks. Moving on to the Airheads.

So there’s another thing: I guess I’m doing NaNoWriMo? In addition to everything else I have to do…yeah. And that reminds me, I’m thinking of applying for a position which just came open to be involved in student government elections as a deputy commissioner. I will need to talk to some people, of course. But! Still! Things!

For another thing, I discovered that for my last semester in the US for a while I’m going to get ridiculously spoiled. Japanese is going to be online, and German is going to be an independent study. So that leaves business speech, business writing, advanced stats and introductory informatics, and as it happens, I can wangle those to have the same schedule every day (except for German meeting times) AND NO CLASS ON FRIDAYS!

This is a gift I have never received from the American higher education system (I currently have three Friday classes) and I am SO EXCITED about it.

(Right, I know I saw another Airhead in here.)

This, coupled with some other technicalities about how German will actually work in terms of registration, may enable me to take a skiing class (instead of another professional development seminar, which I’ve kind of gotten ahead on only to realize I really hate these classes and can probably let the last one slide till after Sweden and just give myself a bit of a break) which is AWESOME because it means that despite still carrying twenty credits ONLY NINETEEN WILL BE ACADEMIC! YAY!

(It’s occurring to me that I have a sad life.)

Secondly, after musing over my degree plan (and agonizing over the fact that I still can’t nail down what I’m taking in Umeå – having to wait on information makes me crazy), I discovered that, ceteris paribus, I will only have to exceed the credit limit one more time in my undergraduate career. Which, again, YAY! Maybe I’ll get spoiled with no classes on Friday again in the future! YAY!

Plus, in additional good news about German class, I was worried that I wasn’t going to get the class I was planning on, and when I failed to tell my instructor that it’d be a good one for me to do this semester she wasn’t planning to offer it (the German program is small and conducted by basically one person, bless her), I basically figured I’d have to write it off and was working on telling myself that my plans do not run the world, and finding all kinds of alternatives, when, lo and behold, someone else needs the very same class to graduate, so we’ll do the independent study together after all, and it’s specifically a conversation class so I will be practicing plenty of German before what will hopefully be a half-German summer (come on Waldsee!), and that is excellent.

All right. I’m going to throw away these Airhead wrappers and go look one more time at the application requirements for that election commissioner position. Two last things: a letter I wrote got where it was going, and there’s peppermint ice cream in my fridge. (Also raspberries. But I discovered the two don’t necessarily play well together.)

It’s a good life, it is.


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